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Well about a month ago I was determined to change my son’s closet into a little nook/desk area. I didn’t have a lot of cash, but wanted it to be cute and age appropriate and give him that little space he might want away from his little brother, and some upper shelves so he could put things up that Carter couldn’t get to.

My little Jack is getting to be such a big boy now.  He is in kindergarten this year and obsessed with Myth Busters and art. He is loving having the the space (although cannot manage to keep it looking nice; boys!!). I am pretty pleased how it came out too.

Anyhow, I told a few friends about it and I decided to put it up to show what we did. It really took very little time and money.

Here is the finished look (with my cat sneaking in a few).  My husband was a little afraid when the orange went on the wall, I assured him it would be all ok after it came together.

We looked at several options for the desk…contemplated building one in; but it was going to cost us close to the same amount of money to build something that looked nice and COULDN’T be removed. We found the perfect desk for us that fit IN the closet but wasn’t to small, didn’t take it all up, from for $120 (thanks Grammy & Grampa for that as Jack’s birthday present and all the help!!). The chair was from also $30.

The cubbies on the wall on the left is just an old bookcase we had around that we painted the inside of. We also painted an old bulletin board to coordinate and hang over the desk as well. We bought the floating shelf  on clearance at Target. We also purchased one of those little stick lights to put on the bottom of that shelf.


I don’t sew but I did want to hide all the ugliness of the upper shelves in the closet. I also still wanted to be able to access it.  What I did was hang a pressure rod where the closet doors were. I bought a cheap navy sheet, cut it, and used the iron tape to make a sleeve for the rod to go through and then just made an even like hem on the other side. I got some sticky velcro and put it on the underside of the closet shelf and put the other side onto the sheet; voila…doesn’t look to shabby eh?


Here are some pictures of the rest of the room. Most of the wall art is made by my son. The large one in the middle (over the bed) with the J was a canvas from Target of rockets or something he didn’t like anymore. Presto, paint it orange, tape out the J and let him paint away.  The geometric side by side pieces are just cheap bulletin boards painted navy and then I added some scrapbook paper with the really thick (1/4 inch) double sided tape tabs for interest. Easy and cheap!!


Anyhow – I love his room, he could probably care less.  : )


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