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Wow, the time is flying by and it is that time again already!

I have joined a group of talented ladies in attempt to keep motivated, challenged, and grow in this fabulous world of photography!!! Each month we have a topic to think about and present an image or images. I will post my photos and then you can click the included link to see the next of the 10 dynamic images from my group. Last month we did images on The Way I View Fatherhood.

This month, the topic is, “Summer” – how appropriate.

This is only the second summer I have ever lived in the contiguous states since I was a teenager. I have been in Alaska for most of it and Japan for three years. Once I had kids I had aspired to move to “the states” to be closer to family, to have my kids know their grandparents and cousins. well lucky me we are here and are making it happen. I am fortunate enough to stay home with my kiddos. this year my littlest (Carter) was going to be almost three so I thought I would brave it and travel with the two of them to Grammy and Grampa’s for two weeks in Vermont.  i can’t even explain how much fun my kids had. They went nuts for the sticks and trees and all the attention the grandparents donned on them. i have so many pictures and will share more as time permits, but for this summer theme, nothing shouts it better than juicy watermelon!!!!

We had drove a little ways to bring my kiddos to see a beautiful waterfall. We got out and hiked around. Granpa was back at the picnic table getting some watermelon ready for the boys. He had only got as far as quartering the big melon. The kids finally get back and Carter runs over and grabs a QUARTER of the melon and starts chomping on it. It was so funny, so him. Here are more candids of Jack and Carter.


Now that you have seen my images for “Summer” please check out more starting here: Jen at Lux Amoris.

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