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I was so excited to meet this family! They found me on-line and said they fell in love with my style and talent; geeze – I immediately loved them back (giggle)! They were visiting Las Vegas from California and wanted to be able to get some fun different pictures in our area. I was happy to oblige! Since it’s so green in CA we went for the desert, dry look. I fell in love with their daughter and she had the cutest curls…

curly haired girl | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestcute mom and daughter | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestcurly haired girl | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestlittle girl curls | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestclose family shot | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterest

As much as I love little girls, of course I really “know” little boys. I love little boys and how they are naturally drawn to play with trucks and cars and make the great noises that go along with them! I had fun with this sweet little family in a great little Las Vegas Park. Here is a peek at some of my favorites from there session.  Aren’t they just the cutest family ever?mom hugging toddler | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterest

mom hugging toddler | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestclose up of boy | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestboy in rocks | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestfamily walking | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestboy with dad | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestboy on stool in the grass | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterest

I love these little girls. I love watching them grow and having their little personalities immerse. We headed out to a Las Vegas park to take advantage of some of the green grass. We lucked out with a wonderful weather, and beautiful light. These girls are both so unique and beautiful. Don’t their smiles just make you happy?

Please take a look at some of my favorites from their session:

girl leaning on a rock | lisa j photography | www.lisajphoto.comimage to pinterestsisters | lisa j photography | www.lisajphoto.comimage to pinterestsisters walking | lisa j photography | www.lisajphoto.comimage to pinterestsitting on the grass | lisa j photography | www.lisajphoto.comimage to pinterestclose up blonde girl | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestsisters on the grass | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterestgirl sitting on the grass | www.lisajphotography.comimage to pinterest

I feel like I do a pretty good job about taking pictures and documenting the things we do, the places we go and all your milestones as they grow up. This year I thought I would add some words (although, bear with me, I am not a great writer). A little about what we have been doing each month, preserving bits of their personality and childhood through my eyes and memories. Also another option for me to reflect how fast time is going and to cry happy tears each time I write to them. Geeze, I love these kids.


Jack and Carter,

It’s hard to believe we are almost through November already, and 2014 will be over!

I must say I feel like you boys have finally turned a corner. I hate to even write it down in fear of jinxing it all. You guys are starting to play so much better with each other and there is less fighting, less mess, and most of all less stress for me!!! It warms my heart to hear you guys making up elaborate tales about taking over the world, being daddy dogs and baby dogs, army guys, cowboys and so much more. The great fall weather has reminded you of the fun that the trampoline provides as you guys spend at least an hour a day bouncing and telling tales.

You both are in tae kwon do now and loving it. Perhaps the discipline the sport provides is carrying over at home. I have created more structure for you as well, with a Family Responsibility Chart and allowances for you both.

We have so much to be thankful for and look forward to as the holidays quickly approach. I am so looking forward to that season with you boys and your dad this year!

These pictures are from our trip to the mountains by our house to find some wild horses. We were lucky to stumble upon this mama and her baby. Remember she started coming right towards us – we weren’t sure about it all so we kept our distance. It was a fun time and you guys enjoyed getting dolled up and heading to dinner after.

Please check out the other great letters to our sons starting with Kristina.

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