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I have known this little girl (and her mom) since she was two! We have done several photo shoots over the years. This little darling is now five! I had an idea that I wanted to try for something very urban using our very own Las Vegas strip as the back drop. I knew this family would be on board and embrace it. And look at her…from head to toe and full of personality it totally came together and just FIT!!! My inner creative self just squeals when there is this kind of magic. Thanks for taking the chance! You can see her grow up over the years  here, here, and here.

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I feel like I do a pretty good job about taking pictures and documenting the things we do, the places we go and all your milestones as they grow up. This year I thought I would add some words (although, bear with me, I am not a great writer). A little about what we have been doing each month, preserving bits of their personality and childhood through my eyes and memories. Also another option for me to reflect how fast time is going and to cry happy tears each time I write to them. Geeze, I love these kids.


Sweet Carter,

I know I tell you, or ask you all the time to just “Stop growing up!”. It hits me harder these days as you have just turned five!! You have really stopped all things (except for the too occasional tantrum) of a baby, toddler or even little boy! The only remains of that littleness are that you still love and snuggle with your blankets when you are at home and want comfort.

You really are crossing over into big boy world so fast! You are tall, have giant feet (only one whole size smaller than your 3 1/2 year older brother!) and you are even starting to read. This summer you learned to swim and you even got to dive off the diving board! You make big boy jokes, you are caring to others, you aspire to have order, and be a good boy. You continue to melt my heart!

I love watching you learn, and play baseball. I still can’t believe it when I see you out there with the older boys! You are ready! I think you have great athletic ability, and you are learning to play team sports. It’s so good for you.

I have watched you struggle about with our decision to not start you in kindergarten this year. You made the cut off, but only by about 30 days. I know you are sad to see some of your friends in the other class. Please know that Daddy and I thought hard on this. You are able to have one more year of extra play, and time with me. We think it will be better for the rest of your school years to be the oldest in your class and a leader instead of possibly being behind or just following. We hope that the gift of time we are giving you now, will allow you to have more maturity with your peers as you grow. I do like that you will be a year older when you start college too.  You are my baby, it’s hard to let go.

I love you so much!



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Please make your way through the circles to hear more Letters to our Sons starting with Jana of Photography 2204.


We had such fun doing this session. I love these mini playdates I get to go on! I have known these kiddos and their parents for several years now. Its always more fun when I get to do sessions with friends! If you want to see how much they have grown, you can see their family session from last fall here.

And here are some of my favorites from this time:

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This is my oldest son, Jack. I love this image of him. His face is so serious and the light was magical. He was laying on my bed and the room was mostly dark. I opened the curtain on the right side of him to let the daylight beam in. I stood on the bed over him and got this dramatic look. Being in black and white really enhanced the mood.

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You can view more great B&W images here – Rock the Shot:

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