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Happy 4th of July! – Las Vegas Family Photographer

For me there is nothing more that makes me question my skills as a photographer than trying to do any type of “session” with my own kids.  You’d think I would have tons of fabulous photos of my own children.  Truly I have some great ones of each (not tons) and often they started as a candid moment or me just grabbing the camera.  It is nearly impossible to get my own two kids together in one shot to be fabulous, ah but I continue to work with them in hopes of that great one!

My husband gets all tense when I say let’s out the kids in some nice clothes – I want to do some pictures. He does his best and supports my photography in all sorts of ways, but this is truly his most difficult contribution.  Often he is a bit relieved when I tell him he doesn’t have to dress the part – only corral them both (which is a large job).  The “session” often has me sadly, making threats, trying to bargain, and just really getting frustrated and cutting things short. I hate that it is that way for the two things I really love in life. Jack, my oldest will look in my direction but almost never look into the camera.  Carter, well he pretty much just runs the other way.  Getting them both together and looking is something that usually eludes me.  Alas, my quest continues.

I found a few cute 4th of July props awhile ago and so of course we had to give it a whirl. Here is a glimpse into my challenge!


Happy 4th of July!


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