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So behind…Back to School!

Well, not only did my big boy start kindergarten this year but my two year old, Carter, started a part time preschool. The preschool is only a couple of hours a day a couple of times a week. I thought it would be a win win; him gaining some socialization and learning about life away from mommy and some alone time to work for me!  Even though we had met the teacher and seen the classroom, I fully expected my ‘usually crying when mommy leaves’ kid to cling to me.  But alas this is what my two year old looked like as soon as we got out of the car… he even said “Bye Mommy, See you later!”.  It was bittersweet!

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And then there is my Jack… he had done some pre-school so he was kinda of ready and more excited than anything.  We have also met some great friends in our neighborhood; they make wonderful beginnings to the day to walk to school with. I hoping jack embraces school and all it offers.

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