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Letters to Our Sons | May | Personal Project

I feel like I do a pretty good job about taking pictures and documenting the things we do, the places we go and all your milestones as they grow up. This year I thought I would add some words (although, bear with me, I am not a great writer). A little about what we have been doing each month, preserving bits of their personality and childhood through my eyes and memories. Also another option for me to reflect how fast time is going and to cry happy tears each time I write to them. Geeze, I love these kids.



I am writing to just you this month. You are still four years old- but a giant four, you will be five in just three months! You are taller than most of the little boys who are a year older than you. This age has been my favorite of you (and of Jack too). You are so full of energy and delight. You aren’t in school full time and that leaves you and I having our “Mommy Days”. You are always such a good companion. We laugh and giggle and tell jokes, whether we are doing errands or just hanging out at home. You have the best little sense of humor. Lately you have been doing a lot of joking, or at least figuring out the difference between a joke and a lie that is funny.

You are full of boy fun all the way to the top of your head. You love dinosaurs, cars and guns – oh the guns… you just want to shoot everything all the time.  I told you that shooting mommy was not allowed. Lucky for me, your reply was that you are always shooting love bullets and bombs at me and that just makes us love each other more. Awe, so sweet right? You continue to amaze me with your sweetness and generosity – always the first one to share, or give a compliment.

You are doing so well in preschool, finishing your month of homework in just a week and sad that there wasn’t more. You are already counting to 100 and able to count by twos, you can write all your letters and are even starting to sound out words. We are so proud of you!

We still struggle with you eating at dinner and I must say it is exhausting. You definitely seem to want the power here. I do hope we can work this out soon.

I continue to beam with joy and pride as I watch you and Jack play more, and play better with each other. I can tell how much you love him and want to be like him. I have noticed lately you peeking at Jack to see what his reaction is to something so that you can mirror it. At the same time I see you becoming your own person, with your own opinions, and holding your ground. I watch you guys fight, and mostly work it out. I listen to you guys plan excursions, and games, and stories. It warms my heart that you guys have such a bond and really do love one another with that brotherly bond.

I love you Carter!


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