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The Way I View New Beginnings | Las Vegas Childrens Photographer

I have joined a group of talented ladies in attempt to keep motivated, challenged, and grow in this fabulous world of photography!!! Each month we have a topic to think about and present an image or images. I will post my photos and then you can click the included link to see the next of the 11 dynamic images from my group.

This month, the topic is, “New Beginnings”.  Oh the grand ideas I had of pulling various things together. It is the story of my life –  great ideas and seemingly little time to cultivate them.

However, like many other mom’s of two year old’s, the potty is always “new” and on the horizon. Carter has yet to really show a consistent interest in the potty. We read the books, we talk about it, he watches daddy and big brother (TMI, I Know). I am actually quite content to change diapers for another couple of years. My oldest, Jack, waited it out and then poof he was just doing it, no accidents, no problems.  I am quite sure I will not be as lucky this time around.

This day, Carter showed an interest.  Reluctantly (I know, mom of the year), I let him strip down and sit up on the big potty (sadly there were no results, but he felt like a big boy). Then like all great moms would do, I ran for my camera! So there it is…the beginning of things ahead for me, and of course Carter too. Wish us luck!

image to pinterest


This picture is about a “New Beginning” for me in photography. I am really going to try to take pictures that are out of my comfort range, i.e. not people. About a week ago my kids were playing in the back yard and it was close to dinner. I looked out and everything seemed very orange. It was very odd and a little eerie.  I went out and looked up and couldn’t believe the clouds – they were this bright orange. I had never seen anything like it. My first instinct was that I needed to grab my camera. Then I thought about it, thought that my lens wouldn’t be right, I would have a hard time capturing it, and doubted it being anything above average.  My dad who is visiting went in to get his point and shoot, I went to grab my point and shoot too. The battery was dead. So after a moment of thinking, “I don’t need to take a picture”, I grabbed my “big camera”. Boy am I glad I did! I can’t believe the images I got. Here is my favorite…and I will say it has hardly been touched/edited.  I think I just need to get out there and try more things!!!

image to pinterest



Now that you have seen my images for “New Beginnings” please check out more starting here: Jen Snyder .

  • Beautiful sunset.ReplyCancel

  • Adele Humphries

    Lisa these are fabulous! Adorable potty shot and those clouds are stunning – so dramatic!ReplyCancel

  • Jodie Carson

    I love these shots and your story! Potty training… I remember the days! Those cloud shots are breathtaking!ReplyCancel

  • What an exciting new beginning for you! That sunset is gorgeous, too. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Yea for the big guy! Such a gorgeous sky too – almost unbelievable! I’m glad you got your “big camera” to capture it!ReplyCancel

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  • Jessica Reischel

    lisa this is great!! and wont this be fun about 15 years from now!!! I hope i can capture this with my son too! 😉ReplyCancel

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